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  • Nick D’Angelo
    Nick D’Angelo FORWARD
  • Adrian Verde
    Adrian Verde MIDFIELD
  • Kris McEvoy
    Kris McEvoy GOALKEEPER
  • James Accadia
    James Accadia GOALKEEPER
  • Jack Haggerty
    Jack Haggerty MIDFIELD
  • Casey Ferrier
    Casey Ferrier MIDFIELD
  • Jayson Gucciardo
    Jayson Gucciardo MIDFIELD
  • Sam Higgins
    Sam Higgins DEFENDER
  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson DEFENDER
  • Anthony Hammer
    Anthony Hammer FORWARD
  • Navin Velupillay
    Navin Velupillay DEFENDER
  • Lennon Whewell
    Lennon Whewell FORWARD
  • Lynton Pieterse
    Lynton Pieterse DEFENDER
  • Miron Andronicos
    Miron Andronicos DEFENDER
  • Danny Fotopoulos
    Danny Fotopoulos MIDFIELD
  • Joey Guarnaccia
    Joey Guarnaccia MIDFIELD
  • Vinnie Vasquez
    Vinnie Vasquez FORWARD
  • Josh Benigno
    Josh Benigno MIDFIELD
  • Michael Inglese
    Michael Inglese HEAD COACH
  • Stef Rudzki
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