Exciting new partnership with Juventus Academy Melbourne


The Board of Mazenod Football Club is both proud and excited to announce that we will be partnering with Juventus Academy Melbourne to bring you the historically premier brand of football to our club in 2022.

Juventus will oversee and manage the entire junior program at MFC in 2022 and beyond, offering a world-leading football curriculum designed to develop participants’ skills through the Juventus training method, applied according to the age and level of the player and guided by Italian Juventus trained coaches. More details of the Juventus philosophy and approach can be found on their website using the link below:


MFC will continue to operate in its current form as a fully inclusive and welcoming community club. Our partnership with Juventus will quite simply take the football experience for all junior players within our club to the next level in terms of the style of play, technical ability, tactical ability and mental, emotional and social dimensions.

Juventus are committed to helping MFC become the best football club it can be by creating a centre of excellence through superior coaching and a superb playing environment. Our joint aim is that all players will achieve their full potential through participation, inclusion and personal development.

In the coming weeks we will announce further details regarding Season 2022 and proposed player fees. In the meantime please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provided below, or feel free to email any questions or concerns you may have to info@mazenodfootballclub.com.au.

What brought us to this decision?

MFC has continually evolved over the years, but the underlying guiding principles have always been the same – a desire to provide greater opportunities for our members and our club as a whole.

As the club has grown it has become more challenging to ensure the junior football program is being delivered to the level we have always aspired to as a club. The Juventus Academy and MFC share similar values and aspirations to deliver a consistent, proven and high-quality football program.

By providing a higher calibre of coaching and playing style, we are confident that this will help re-position MFC to achieve our vision of becoming the destination community club in our region.

The benefits of the program?

A successful club is based on growth and development of not only its players but also its coaches. This is a guiding principle that both MFC and Juventus share.

By delivering a consistent football program right through from U7 to U18, this will ensure our players are learning the right skills during the right stages of their football development. This will help our members be the best players they can be.

The consistency of the training will also ensure a clear pathway for players from juniors all the way through to seniors.

To ensure these principles are delivered, the program is run by high quality coaching from accredited and trained coaches.

Growth of culture and community engagement

Culture and community engagement is something that is important to MFC.

Creating and maintaining a strong culture that promotes and upholds our club values, amongst not only our players and coaches, but families and sponsors alike. Juventus shares this vision and will help us strive to be a better community.

Being associated with a respected football program like Juventus will build on the club’s profile in the community and strengthen the existing relationships with sponsors and business partners. This will ultimately lead to attracting more members to the club, widening our network and furthering our sponsorship ties.

All stakeholders will have a clear understanding of the processes and guidelines. Players will know what is not only expected but what is required to represent MFC. Coaches will have a clear understanding of what is appropriate as will parents and supporters.

What will change?

What makes a football club is not only its curriculum but also those who deliver it. Coaches will be assessed/selected and receive accredited training from Juventus Academy representatives.

Coaches will be assigned to teams determined as best fit by Juventus Head Coach and specifically to teams in which they have no association/relation to the players.

Juventus will assess and assign players to teams based on ability ensuring a more balanced and appropriately graded team.

The fee structure will change – further communication regarding this will be communicated separately.

There will be a strict training curriculum introduced and applied across all age groups.

Clearly defined points of contact and communication.

Ongoing interaction and workshops involving technical discussions and development of coaches.

The engagement of coaches will be greatly improved, this will flow onto better systems, processes around training, match day conduct and participation.

What won’t change?

Mazenod FC is proud of our journey, our ties to the community and our club as a whole. We will continue to be a strong and independent club that upholds its values. And it is for these reasons that:

Our name, club logo and colours will remain unchanged. MFC will continue to be a fully inclusive club offering a football experience to players of all abilities in a child-safe environment. MFC will also continue to support and grow female participation throughout the club. Participation in the existing Football Victoria competition structure will remain unchanged. Our Senior Men’s, Women’s, Reserves and Metro teams will continue to be run in the same manner as we have historically, without any direct involvement from Juventus.

Mazenod FC will continue to be a progressive club that all stakeholders can be proud to say they are a part of.

What will the community see next?

With such a dynamic shift towards 2022, there is much that needs to be done to ensure a seamless and organised 2022 pre-season. With COVID restrictions permitting, we must begin:

Assessment and recruitment of junior coaches.

Player registrations, including details of the proposed fee structure.

Player assessments and team placement.

An online Juventus information and Q&A session regarding next season.

Summer program if Covid-19 restrictions permits.

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